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Dr. Brandon Park is a professional coach, life strategist, motivational speaker, and personal growth author.  

Do you need help living the life of your dreams? Are there life challenges you face? Are you happy with every area of your life? These are tough questions, and if you're struggling to find answers, that's a sign you could use a life coach. 
Areas Where I Can Help You
These are many of the topics I help my clients navigate 
Discover the Power of Mind | How Thoughts Create Reality | Interaction of Quantum Physics with Mindset | Law of Attraction | Adopting Growth Mindset | Neurolinguistic Programming | EFT Tapping | Alter the Subconscious Mind | Achieve Happiness & Inner Peace
Executive / C-Suite 
 Achieve Development Objectives | Effectively Lead Teams or Companies | Conflict Management | Raising Motivation | Utilizing Coaching Principles in Workplace | Productivity Improvement | Leadership Development | Self-Awareness Enhancement
Relationship Coaching
Contentment Being Single | Attracting a Life Partner | Abuse and Trauma | Divorce Recovery | Lost Relationships | Making & Keeping Friends | Dating Advice | Relationship Advice | Sexual Issues | Conflict Resolution | Communication Enhancement | Parenting | Deepening Intimacy
Life Strategy Coaching
Discovering Life Purpose | Determining Core Values | Setting Up a Vision Board | Setting Goals That Work | Scripting a Life Plan | Time Management | Balancing Life Priorities | Surviving Burnout | Achieving Long-Held Dreams | Developing Your Growth Plan
Discovering Spirituality | Manifesting Your Desires | Developing Your Intuition | Expanding Your Consciousness | Meditation | Energy Work | Power of Words and Intention | Navigating Life Challenges | Balance Mind, Body, and Spirit | Radiating Love
Struggles with Confidence and Anxiety | Sexual Orientation Issues and Questions | Family Dynamics | Coming Out Journey | Reconciling Faith with Sexual Orientation | Dating Issues | Overcoming Perceptions of Others | Acceptance of Self | Relationship with God
Overcome Limiting Beliefs | Uncover Hidden Gifts | Maintain Self-Mastery of Habits & Health | Building Body Positivity | Overcoming Shame | Develop People & Conversational Skills | Working Through Fear | Increasing Self-Esteem, Acceptance, & Self-Image
Budget and Spending Accountability | Investing | Real Estate | Pay Off Your Home in 5 to 7 Years  Entrepreneurship | Growing and Marketing a Business | Starting an Online Business | Social Media Marketing | Niche Development | Infinite Banking Concept
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About Me
Let's See If We're a Good Fit! 
  • Professional communicator and inspirational motivational speaker for companies and conferences.
  • Certified Coach and Life Strategist who has served hundreds of clients around the world. 
  • Online Entrepreneur who has built a thriving personal development company, Park Enterprises, LLC. 
  • ​Founder of LifeCoach Training Institute equipping people to invest in others by starting their own coaching practice. 
  • ​Single father of three amazing kids (and a puppy named Milo) Resident of Overland Park, Kansas (Kansas City suburb).
  • ​Enjoys travel, reading, documentaries, spending time at the lake, trying new restaurants, exploring new places, and having new experiences with family and friends!
Hear The Word On The Street
"I've been a coaching client of Dr. Park for almost a year now and my life is unrecognizable from where it used to be. He is a wellspring of life hacks and helpful resources. I'll always buy whatever he's selling! He's changed my life for the better."
Tom B.
Leawood, Kansas
"The single most helpful, PRACTICAL, book on 5 basic areas of life where many people struggle and aren't sure how to make progress. SERIOUSLY, UNBELIEVABLE help for changing many habits, outlooks and patterns of living/ thinking! The info is consolidated into very short sections with lots of pertinent, helpful facts, info and personal examples. EASY to pick up and read... easy to get through!
Kristie H.
Lees Summit, Missouri
"Dr. Park is the go-to influencer in all things personal growth, spirituality, relationships, and wellbeing. I've learned so much from him and I've recommended his coaching services to several of my friends." 
Jamie R.
Overland Park, Kansas
Corporate Coaching
Offering Training,  Keynotes, and Workshops for Executives, Managers, and General Employees
Better leaders get better results. And better coaching develops better leaders. Bring me to your business to coach you individually or your entire staff. I can also do a training for your managers on how to coach your employees in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency and decrease HR issues. Teaching coaching principles and practices to organizations is one area where I excel

What if each of your managers had the confidence and competence to exceed expectations? I leverage a systematic and constructive four-stage process for sustained behavioral change that boosts the awareness, sensitivity, and abilities of your leaders. This process can be modeled and replicated for every individual serving in the organization. 

Request a custom pricing quote based on your own unique needs. 
My Unique Style of Coaching
What Makes Me Different...
Upgrade Your Mindset, Amplify Your Life
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Check Out Some Books I've Written

Communicate to Captivate: Increase the Attention of Your Audience and the Retention of Your Message

The Five Essentials of Life: Developing a plan for Personal Growth in the Areas that Matter Most

Weathering the Storms of Life: Navigating the Ship of Our Lives Through the Stormiest Seas

Free Online Course
The Five Essentials of Life: Developing a Plan For Personal Growth in the Areas that Matter Most
​A $197 Value and it's yours as my FREE GIFT to you when you book your first coaching session 
  • Deep down you know you were made for more than this. You are succeeding in some aspects of life, but chances are you feel the need for some growth and improvement in other areas. There are countless approaches to the many areas of self-improvement, but there are five key areas that matter the most: Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Relational, and Spiritual
  • ​​Free Digital eBook: The Five Essentials of Life ($14.99 on Amazon)
  • 7 Live Teaching Messages: Complete with fill-in-the-blank notes.
  • 8 Modules with 42 Video Lessons: Discover some of the most potent life hacks and personal growth lessons in less than 10 minutes a day. 
  • BONUS Content: Access related teaching from some of the worlds greatest personal development experts
  • ​You will maximize your productivity and cultivate laser-like focus as you discover what it means to live a balanced and growing life.
Want to become a LifeCoach?
Receive comprehensive training that delivers in-depth understanding of the key elements of the Life Coaching profession and how to grow a thriving coaching business. We provide you with everything you need: done-for-you forms, tools, processes, & best practices. Then we give you all of the tools and resources you need to launch your business including a website, business cards, logo, onboarding documents, and so much more. We offer more value than anyone in the coach training industry... guaranteed! Inquire today and join our next cohort! 
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